16 March 2020
Results are now Official and certificates are available for school coordinators from the admin site. All main coordinators in schools with finalists have been sent an email notifying them of this.


11 March 2020
There were some good answers from Senior and Elite students in some tasks that then scored zero points. This was a shame as it was evident that these students had not looked at the tutorials which demonstrate the required code submission format for all supported languages. Please login again and, after consulting the tutorials, see if you can make your code work.

Certificates will be available to coordiantors to download from the admin site on Monday.


10 March 2020
Emails are being sent out to schools who have qualifying students for the finals on 25th March. Please note the boundaries for the finals are very high:


9 March 2020
Provisional results are now available to teachers from the admin site. Review mode is now available for students. This means you can log back in and see how you did. You will aslo find some example answers are now shown.
Note carefully: All results are provisional until the end of Friday.


6 March 2020
It is 16:30 and we have nearly finished the first round. This is the first year we have had more than 10,000 participants! Yay! Announcements about when provisional results and Review mode are available will be posted here first. This should be by Tuesday next week.


5 March 2020
Day 4 at 14:23. We have just passed last year's final numbers. Well done everyone!
Please note: The last possible time for students to start their hour is 5pm GMT tomorrow.
If your school uses the Edge browser, please look at today's Status notice (see Status tab above).


3 March 2020
Day 2 complete. Nearly 4,000 students have participated so far. The system seems to be holding up well. I hope the students are enjoying this year's challenges. We hope to publish provisional results before next Tuesday and then make them official on Friday 13th.