System Status

25th March - It has come to our attention that after the time is over, for our older finalists, that the summary display is saying that code-submission questions are Not answered. This is just a display error. Please be assured that we have a record of all submitted answers.
13:00 Update: This has been fixed now.


16:40 5th March - Hearing reports that our site is unreachable from a few schools. We are looking into this urgently.
17:15 Update: This affected about 10 schools and was due to a problem at an upstream provider inbetween our servers and the schools affected. If your students were affected by this outage, please send a list of usernames affected and the time lost to the usual email address.


5th March - It has come to our attention that in some situations the Edge browser is having problems with the new code-submission questions used in the Senior and Elite challenges. If this affects you, please ask your students to swop to a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Their previously saved answers will not be lost.


00:01 2nd March - Challenge live, no problems we are aware of.